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I am Zosh, a recent graduate of the UW Informatics program.

4 years ago, when I started to learn UX design I would always discover and use websites such as ResourceCards for my project. They had fantastic UI design resources which made my designs look much better than they would have otherwise.

As we all know though, UI Design is not UX design.

It is just a small segment of it. I would always struggle to find something similar for the rest of UX especially learning resources.

I managed through but I noticed that my peers had the same desire.

I would have friends and students come up and ask me "hey, where can I learn more about UX design? " and I would send them a list of links. Soon this transformed into a Google Doc which would then become too long and difficult to navigate.

And that is how UX Library was born. In our first year we had over 5000 visitors from 28 countries and had a happiness rating of 92.8%!

We also learned what you liked and didn't like. Yes, we agree the long unorganized navigation had to go and we needed to provide better guidance about how to use the stuff we list.

So we fixed that(tried to), added new content, and ensured there was something here for everyone and not just UI designers. And today I am happy to announce that we have launched v2 of UX Library.

We hope you like/love it.

I would also like to thank each person who supported us in this effort:

  • Scott Barker, our mentor, who was also the first person to support our idea and encourage us to make it.

  • Misty Weaver, the iSchool content strategy professor for providing with us support in restructuring the website.

  • Michael Robbins, a design director at Lumedic who provided us with insights on how to structure our content.

  • Shwetha Sanapoori and Utsav Pinto, for helping with content edits and re-writes.

  • Vrishti Bhowmik, for being the first person to extend support and help when we first launched.

  • Michelle Wong, who gave us the idea of adding icons to the navigation (turns out we can only add emojis).

  • Ashmann Syngle, who envisioned and tested the different ways this website could be used.

  • Kassandra Franco and Vanessa Lin, for providing us with detailed feedback about their experiences.

  • Shane Martin, for writing, editing, designing, and building our newsletter.

Best, Zoshua Colah (zcolah@uw.edu) Founder of UX Design Library


We love Feedback. We want to know how we can become better and read your suggestions: goo.gl/forms/HPgMx5EtgA02hTVH3

Join our Team

If you're here on this page, you must really love us, and we love you for that. We currently have two openings:

  • Graphic Designer: We are looking for a designer to volunteer to lead the branding of this website! If you want to join please email us your resume and a link to your portfolio website at zcolah@uw.edu.

  • Content Curator: There are too many articles out there for our team of 3 designers to read and organize. We would love someone to volunteer and help us curate our never ending list of articles. If you want to join please email us your resume at zcolah@uw.edu


We have not created any of these tools or written any of these articles. We have only compiled all these amazing tools and articles in one place to help designers. All credit for the content goes to the respective authors and developers.

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For any questions related to our website please contact me on zcolah@uw.edu.

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