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Create beautiful interfaces and prototypes using these industry-standard UI design software tools.

Wireframing Software

Figma is the Google Docs for UI Design. With Figma, you can collaborate with designers and have your work always backed up in the cloud, allowing you to focus on what matters the most - Design!

Sketch |

Sketch, is a UI design tool which was once the defacto industry tool. It still holds strong today with more than 50% companies still using it. However it doesn't work on Windows 😔.

Adobe XD (a must try) |

Adobe XD, is an all-in-one UI design tool, with which you can design beautiful wireframes and interactive prototypes with animation. It works with both Mac and Windows and is for free. They also recently added collaboration.

InVision Studio |

A fantastic powerful new platform inspired by the world’s best design teams. Design, prototype, and animate—all in one place which works on both Mac and Windows. Do give it a try. They have fantastic support, learning resources, and UI kits.
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Whimsical (only Low Fidelity)

The Balsamiq killer, this blazing fast tool is perfect for people to rapidly visualize their low-fidelity wireframes digitally. It is super intuitive with quick short cuts and pre-made components for almost every use case.
If you're not convinced we recommend viewing their Zappos, Shopify and Dropbox example projects to get a better understanding of it's capabilities.

Interactive Prototyping Software

Protopie |

Protopie, is a high fidelity interactive prototyping tool, perfect for creating complex interactions for a variety of gestures & interactions. It is available for both Mac and Windows on a Free Trial.

Principle |

Principle is an extremely easy to learn software for the Mac which is great for rapidly making interactive animated prototypes.

Framer |

Framer, is the most powerful interactive prototyping tool out there where prototypes are built using code. This means it comes with a steep learning curve and many a times takes more time than necessary to make simple interactions. A great tool but we recommended using it to create only extremely complicated interactions.

Origami |

Origami, is a fantastic interactive prototyping built by Facebook which allows you to export you to export your interactions as code directly into XCode.

Design System Management Software

Design System Manager |

DSM is a one central place to maintain all of your brand and UX components across your design and code to eliminate ambiguity.


Storybook is an open source tool for developing UI components in isolation for React, Vue, and Angular. It makes building stunning UIs organized and efficient.


Zeroheight allows you to document your design system, together. Ensuring you create beautiful living styleguides and document all your design system resources in one place.


Specify is an all-in-one tool for design systems. The first tool fully designed to maintain large products and design systems. All your design primitives, component states and platforms in one place.


Lingo is the visual home for your brand. Stop wasting time looking for files buried in folders. Visually organize all your assets in one place with Lingo. Create and share living style guides, asset libraries and more.

Accessibility Checkers


A fantastic free tool which analyses your website's accessibility against the Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines. It provides you with fantastic detailed documentation on how you can fix each issue on your website. Do check it out.

Accessible color palette builder

This is a tool to help designers build color palettes with combinations that conform with accessibility standards.


ColorBox is a tool built by Lyft which allows you to build an accessible color system for your project.


When using color, it is important to consider contrast and accessibility. Color will help you in quickly selecting an accessible color palette for your text and backgrounds.

Use Contrast

A macOS app for quick access to WCAG color contrast ratios which is used by many designers.


Colors is set of 90 accessible color systems you can use in your next design project.

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