Sketching & Whiteboarding

Master sketching & white-boarding with articles courses we have curated together for you.

Paper Prototyping Basics

Most design starts with paper and pen (or should if it isn't!). With paper you can generate & iterate over wireframes at a much faster rate than you could potentially do with a computer. More importantly it helps ensure you don't become too invested or attached to a design. These set of articles are perfect to help you optimize your sketching process.

Become a Pro at Whiteboarding

Designing low-fidelity wireframes don't just happen on paper but on whiteboards too especially when collaborating and mapping out user journeys for different scenarios based on constraints and requirements. These articles will give you an essential crash course in ensuring you are able to effectively draw & communicate your ideas when at a whiteboard. P.S. they also work great for preparing you for interviews.

Develop Good Sketch Noting Habits

Not everyone is born an artist, but just like design, drawing can be learned and is essential to making you a better designer as it can transform the ways you visualize ideas and scenarios. In these handful of articles, you will see how real-world designers have use sketch-noting to their advantage and how you can too!

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