Empower the way you do Information Architecture and Content Strategy these powerful and dedicated IA and Content Strategy software platforms.

Flowmapp (for large projects)

An extremely robust software, Flowmapp is the perfect information architecture and content strategy tool to integrate into your design workflow. You can create sitemaps, build user flows, create personas, and manage content all in one place. Do give it a try especially if you are taking on a large project.

Whimsical (for small projects)

A blazing fast tool, Whimsical is perfect for beginners and small projects where the user journey or sitemap needs to be made quickly. This Whimsical User Flow project is a great example of what can be made in it in a matter of just half an hour.

DynoMapper (paid but robust)

With Dynomapper, an industry grade tool, you can organize website projects using visual sitemaps, content inventory, content audit, content planning, daily keyword tracking, and do website accessibility testing.


A visual sitemap builder for web professionals and website planners.

TreeJack by Optimal Workshop

Take the guesswork out of information architecture with Treejack – the usability testing tool you can use to test your IA without visual distractions. Treejack helps you prove your site structure will work before you get into interface design.

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