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Psychology Principles for UI Design

Psychology plays a big part in a user’s experience with an application. By understanding how our designs are perceived, we can make adjustments so that the apps we create are more effective in achieving the goals of the user. (Source: Thanasis Rigopoulos)

This first section of articles will give you the foundations on which many UI design principles and patterns have been made.

A Deep Dive into UI Design Principles

Before starting any UI design process it is always good to get yourself familiarized with the principles of UI design. With the articles below you will be able to give yourself a quick crash-course on the most important UI design principles and learn how to become a better UI designer.

Getting Started

While these are different for everyone there are a set of commonly followed rules such as the law of proximity, hicks law, and more which are essential to improving your interface's usability.

Customization & Personalization

Today just making an app which can perform a task is not enough. We live in an age of both customization & personalization where we need to cater tailored user experiences for each user. Hence it is important to learn how you can integrate customization & personalization into your UI with these design principles highlighted in the articles below.


Improve your UI Design

Designing your UI can be the most crucial step to ensuring your product is usable and that people don't abandon it. In the articles below you will learn the best industry practices which you can immediately start applying to your project.

Web Design

Quick Fixes

Reading Patterns

Web Layouts

Improving Hero Pages

Common Web Design Mistakes

Mobile App Design

Tips & Tricks

Mobile Navigation

Dashboard Design

Search Boxes & Search Results




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