Empower your UX research process with these powerful & dedicated user research software.

User Research Platforms

With the number of user research tasks to complete, work and insights can get quickly disorganized. Therefore we recommend selecting and using a user research platform from the list provided below.

UserBit (a must try)

A newcomer to the market, UserBit, is a real-time collaboration UX research software that allows you to create interview notes, synthesize data, develop personas, generate sitemaps and other design documents that bring founders, designers, and developers on the same page.
We recommend that you try it out with their free account plan and reading their blog to learn the different ways in which you can use the software.
UX Tools and Repository for Product Teams | UserBit
Optimal Workshop has created a suite of usability tools that help improve your website navigation, define information architecture, understand first-clicks, capture qualitative research, and more.
Their awesome free plan is perfect to help you decide if it is a good fit in your process as it gives you access to all the necessary functions for a single project. In addition to this, do check out their demos and case studies.
User Experience (UX) Research Platform | Optimal Workshop
Optimal Workshop


Dovetail is a user research platform that allows organizations to collaborate, collect, analyze, and store insights into one searchable cloud repository.
User research analysis and repository platform – Dovetail

Survey Tools

There are plenty of survey tools out there on the market. Below is a list of our favorite survey tools along with the use case of each.
Use Case
Simple & Quick
Convert Incomplete Responses
Integrate into Websites

Usability Testing Tools

Before you select a platform we recommend that you check out this evaluation of Usability Testing platforms from MeasuringU.

One of the many beauties of the internet, today getting feedback is super fast and quick with these platforms. Gone are the days where you had to spend weeks recruiting participants and having them come down to your office. Now you can test with a diverse range of participants in a matter of hours.
UserTesting: The Human Insight Platform


Lookback allows you to run user tests while remotely recording the screen, the user's face and voice, and their in-app interactions. (Credit:
Lookback: Simple, powerful, user research.

Usability Hub

Usability Hub is an end-to-end remote user testing platform that allows you to test your product with your own or recruited participants. Their platform allows you to do first click tests, design surveys, preference tests, and five seconds tests thus allowing you to make a better design.
User Testing Platform - UsabilityHub


Ethnio is a great tool that enables you to screen, recruit, and schedule usability testing participants directly from your app or website.
All-in-one participant management for UX research

Other UX Research Tools


ShipRight is a tool that allows you to track all user requests in one place to inform product decisions.
Shipright – Track product feedback in one organized place


An extremely robust and feature rich tool, FullStory helps you solve problems, find answers, and fine-tune your customer experience with FullStory’s easy-to-use digital intelligence platform. We highly recommend you give it a try if you are in industry and are looking to improve your website's experience.
Build a More Perfect Digital Experience | FullStory


Create effective user personas, together. A simple tool for designers, agencies and in-house teams.
Persona Creator and Digital Tools - generate shared clarity | Userforge

Similar Web

SimilarWeb gives you global multi-device market intelligence to understand, track and grow your digital market share.
Website Traffic - Check and Analyze Any Website | Similarweb
As highlighted in "Design Words with Data", Google Trends can be a fantastic tool at selecting what words to use as copy on your website or app especially for your action buttons.
Google Trends
Google Trends

User Snap

User snap is a tool that allows you to add widgets on your website to get actionable user feedback. From screenshot bug reports to experience ratings to preference tests.
Usersnap | Your #1 Customer Feedback Software


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