Improve your design workflow with our curated books on UX writing.

Strategic Writing for UX by Torrey Podmajersky

When you depend on users to perform specific actions--like buying tickets, playing a game, or riding public transit--well-placed words are most effective. But how do you choose the right words? And how do you know if they work? With this practical book, you'll learn how to write strategically for UX, using tools to build foundational pieces for UI text and UX voice strategy.

Microcopy by Niaw de Leon

In this book, you will learn how:

  • One retail firm increased its monthly revenues by $25,000,000 by changing one word

  • A website prevented hundreds of credit card billing errors using a single sentence

  • An enterprise chat app used playful microcopy to grow to a $3.8B valuation

Nicely Said by Nicole Fenton & Kate Kiefer Lee

Learn from real-world examples and interviews with people who work in the world of UX writing and content strategy every day: Kristina Halvorson of Brain Traffic, Tiffani Jones Brown of Pinterest, Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom, Mandy Brown of Editorially, Randy J. Hunt of Etsy, Sarah Richards of GOV.UK, and more.

Conversational Design by Erika Hall

In this book, research and information design expert Erika Hall explains what makes an interaction truly conversational and how to get more comfortable using language in design. From understanding the human interface, to effectively using the power of personality, to getting it all done, you’ll find out how the art of communication can elevate technology.

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